Seller Fees

Goodgrubbs Seller Subscription Fee.

The Goodgrubbs discount Global Marketplace has a subscription fee of $20 per month. Subscription fees are due on the first business day of the month. The only time subscription fees are not charged is when Goodgrubbs sponsors a promotion.

Goodgrubbs Seller Shelving Fee.

The Goodgrubbs discount Global Marketplace’s Seller shelving fee is $0.05 for every item listed or every item sold. If a Seller lists an item and it is not sold at the end of the month, the seller is charged $0.05 at the end of the month. When Sellers list items on the Goodgrubbs shelf with a quantity of more than one (1), the Seller is charged based on the quantity listed on the shelf.  If a food item has no quantity and multiple food items of the same shelved items are sold, the seller is charged $0.05 for each food item sold. Goodgrubbs’ shelving fees are deducted from the sale of item(s).. Sellers are billed if item(s) are not sold.

Goodgrubbs Final Purchase Fee.

When a Seller makes a final sale on the Goodgrubbs discount Global Marketplace, Seller is charged a final percentage fee of 12% for the sale. This fee is deducted from the total sale. Shipping and taxes are not included in Goodgrubbs' final purchase fee.

Free Set-Up Fee.

Goodgrubbs does not charge a set-up fee for the Goodgrubbs Myseller Storefront.

Advertising on Goodgrubbs Eateryplace.

Goodgrubbs does not charge sellers for listing their businesses on the Eateryplace. All business listings on the Eateryplace are required to list and offer discounts on their business profile in the Eateryplace ranging from 5% upwards to Goodgrubbs Membership Cardholders and to honor those discounts when Goodgrubbs cardholders patronize their store or business establishment.

Payment Processing Fee.

Goodgrubbs discount Global Marketplace uses PayPal gateway to process all transactions. PayPal determines the payment processing fees that apply to any transaction.

* The fees charged by give us the ability to service and continue to develop the Goodgrubbs website for the benefit of all users of the website.

The Goodgrubbs Card is a simple discount membership concept that eliminates cumbersome and costly coupon clipping.This card gives you the comfort of purchasing online or walking into any participating eatery or food processor and getting the discount they are offering with ease anytime, any day, anywhere in the world. 

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