Apr 2016
Kicked Up Spicy Turkey Harvest Egg Scramble

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Looking for a healthy, hearty and delicious breakfast that does not take forever to make? If so, the Goodgrubbs Kitchen has the perfect kickoff to your day with our Kicked Up Spicy Turkey Harvest Egg  Scramble. This recipe is so quick and easy that even the novice cook can make it and impress! Try this recipe and tell us what you think. Ingredients: 1 Pound Hot Turkey Sausage (Rope) 6 Eggs 1 Cup Water 1 TSP Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1 TSP Basil 1 TSP Oregano 1 TSP Parsley 1 tsp Ground Red Pepper (More if you like!) 1 Clove Garlic – Sliced Thinly ½ Large White Onion (Sliced Medium) 1 Roma Tomato (Chopped Medium) 5 Miniature Bell Peppers (Sliced Medium) 1 English Cucumber (Sliced Medium on the Bias) 1 TSP Asiago Cheese Directions: (1) Place water in large skill on high heat and add whole piece of sausage wrapped in loose circle; (2) Add in onions, peppers, garlic and all spices; (3) Cover and allow onio ...
Feb 2016
Spicy Rosemry Garlic Smoked Turkey

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When looking for a quick, yet substantive meat selection to fill out your meal, a pre-cooked smoked turkey is perfect for any occasion. It can be served whole and sliced when guests arrive, pre-sliced and placed on a platter or set-up for self-serve sandwich making with all the fixings. How you use the bird really depends on type of crowd, party or event you are hosting. We used the Butterball® Smoked Turkey, which we have featured previously. This is a “go to” item for the Goodgrubbs Kitchen Team, because the quality of the product is consistently excellent. You can simply take this bird out of its packaging and serve it cold or warm it. However, we found that this product can be easily elevated by using just a little ingenuity. We spiced the turkey up differently today to give you another option for flavoring it up for your guests or family. Try this recipe and tell us what you think. Ingredients: 1 Whole Butterball® Smoked Turkey 1 TSP Co ...
Feb 2016
Product Alert - Maple Grove Farms  Gluten Free Pancake and Waffle Mix

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In our opinion pancakes are the perfect breakfast any day of the week. The Goodgrubbs team has tried numerous varieties of this delicious treat. People have strong opinions about these precious disks of goodness. They can be eaten in numerous ways. The way you eat your cake is up to you, no one way is better than another. Some folks believe you can’t have pancakes without bacon, others believe that pure maple syrup is an absolute requirement. Many believe the perfect stack must be eaten with a knife and fork, while some simply pick up a warm cake and enjoy it in its purest state, while still others like them with fresh fruit or jams and jellies. There are also the seasonal pancake lovers. Those are the folks who enjoy the fruit or veg of the season. Our personal favorite is the pumpkin pancake – smell the harvest! Since we know how many people love pancakes, including those with gluten sensitivities we have gone on a quest to try out some of the gluten free pa ...
Jan 2016
Spicy Thai Sytle Brussels Sprouts

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The Brussels Sprout  is one of the most under-rated and unappreciated vegetables. People often simply don’t even give them a chance. Some people say, “I love cabbage, but I hate Brussels Sprouts”. Others say, it’s just a baby cabbage. Folks, a Brussels Sprout is oh just soooo much more! According to our research Brussels Sprouts probably first originated in Italy in the 1200s. The Brussels Sprouts we eat today were first cultivated in where else, but Belgium? This small veggie packs a punch in the Vitamin C and fiber areas. Although some people say the flavor is too pungent, that is usually the result of not handling this great vegetable in just the right way. The Goodgrubbs Kitchen set out to prove all of the Brussels Sprout naysayers wrong, by making our Brussels Sprouts with a Thai flair. Try this recipe out and let us know what you think. Ingredients: 3 Pounds Fresh Brussels Sprouts 3 TSP Pad Thai Sauce Ground Red Pepper ...
Dec 2015

Mini Banana Pudding Delights

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Ingredients: 3.4 ounce boxes Jell-O® Banana Cream Instant Pudding (2 boxes) 3 Cups Cold Milk 1 Cup Heavy Whipping Cream 1 Box Vanilla Wafers 20 shot glasses or similarly sized glasses 12-ounce container Kraft Cool Whip Directions: 1. Add both boxes of pudding to food processor, blender or bowl (if mixing by hand); 2. Pour milk and heavy whipping cream into pudding and mix until thick and creamy; 3. Place one (1) wafer in the bottom of each glass (it does not matter if the cookie breaks); 4. Spoon pudding over cookies; 5.  Spoon Kraft Cool Whip over pudding; 6.  Repeat layering process one (1) more time; 7. Top off with crumbled wafer; and 8. Loosely cover and refrigerate for at least one (1) hour or until ready to serve. Tips: 1. For a lighter dessert use 1% milk and light Cool Whip; 2. Purchase mini-appetizer spoons befitting the mini dessert; 3. Plan an appetizer party and do everything “mini” styl ...

Dec 2015

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Today is Part II of a three (3) part series on holiday drinks. Our Champagne Slider is simple, elegant and absolutely tasty. It will prove to be a crowd pleaser because it’s not just your everyday glass of Champagne. We call it a slider because this drink blends the smoothness of Champagne with the warm rush of Alize® and the fresh taste of fruit. What more could you ask for? The Goodgrubbs Kitchen calls it just plain smooth. Ingredients Alcoholic Version: Champagne (Your Favorite Brand) Alize® Frozen Fruit (Your Favorite –We like Berries) Non-Alcoholic Version: Sparkling Apple Cider Orange Juice Frozen Fruit Instructions: 1. Chill Champagne or Sparking Cider; 2. Pour Alize® or Juice into ice cube trays (about 3/4s full); 3. Drop frozen fruit into ice cube trays and allow to freeze; and 4. At party time, drop ice cubes into Champagne flutes and pour Champagne or Sparking Cider over ice cubes and serve! TIPS: ...




Dec 2015

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It’s party time again! That means you want to be the host or hostess who takes the holiday season by storm. Don’t worry, Goodgrubbs has got you. Once we finish helping you, people will be waiting by their mailbox, checking their inbox or texts for your next invite. Food is definitely one of the keys to success for a party, but don’t forget the drinks. The Goodgrubbs Kitchen has come up with some fabulous holiday drinks that we know will make you the beau or belle of the ball. For the next three days we will share one of our in-house originals in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions. So, sit back, relax and let us do the work as we prepare you for the party season of a lifetime. Our first featured drink is what we call the Apple “Jack” Lip Smacker, which features Jack Daniels, apple juice, fresh apple slices, cinnamon, allspice, whipped cream and holiday sprinkles. Ingredients: 1 Quart of Apple Juice (Your Favorite Brand) 1 Cup o ...


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