Joseph Oratokhai
Founder and CEO

Joseph Oratokhai is the Founder and CEO of Goodgrubbs, Inc. He has been the driving force behind the concept, creation and continuous evolution of Goodgrubbs. He believes Goodgrubbs will be the fair market trading space the food industry has been missing, where every foodie, whether buyer, seller or eatery owner (restaurant, bakery, caterer, food truck, farm stand, etc.) can create their own niche. His vision is to level the playing field and provide equal access to small and midsize food business owners who often face significant challenges when seeking shelf space in brick and mortar retail stores to showcase their products. Joseph also believes that Goodgrubbs will forge new ground directly between consumers and farmers and food processors both in the United States and globally, including in developing countries, which will result in economic independence that may not have previously existed for so many sellers. Effectively, Goodgrubbs affords food businesses access to endless shelf space at a place that is solely dedicated to nothing but food. Finally, Joseph believes that Goodgrubbs is the perfect spot for foodie consumers to get guaranteed discounts when dining out or ordering in, as well as when shopping online for food products. In addition to developing Goodgrubbs, Joseph previously served as the CEO of his family’s sawmill business and remains tangentially involved in its operations. Joseph has a B.S. in Urban Planning from the University of the District of Columbia. He is married to Co-Founder, Misty Johnson Oratokhai, and they both have two beautiful sons.

Misty Johnson Oratokhai, Esq.
Co-Founder, President & COO

Misty Johnson Oratokhai is Co-Founder, President & COO for Goodgrubbs, Inc. She has more than 12 years of extensive legal, human resources and executive management experience and more than 15 years demonstrating dynamic leadership. Misty has a proven track record of driving transformation initiatives in high growth and complex organizations across the healthcare, publishing and commercial transportation business landscapes. She also has a solid background in labor relations, and labor litigation including previous employment for Dimensions Healthcare System, AMTRAK, Tribune Publishing Co. (The Baltimore Sun), and the D.C. Office of Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining, among others. Most importantly, Misty is a foodie and has been since a very young age. Her love for all things food developed early, even before she could reach the stovetop. Misty shared her passion for food with her father who spent his career in the food industry. He took Misty to her very first international food show. She now puts her passion for food to good use by running Goodgrubbs’ operations. Misty is a member of the Maryland Bar and holds a J.D. from the Columbus School of Law at the Catholic University of America and a B.A. in Political Science from the University of the District of Columbia. Currently, she resides with her husband, Goodgrubbs Founder, Joseph Oratokhai, and their two sons.


The Goodgrubbs Card is a simple discount membership concept that eliminates cumbersome and costly coupon clipping.This card gives you the comfort of purchasing online or walking into any participating eatery or food processor and getting the discount they are offering with ease anytime, any day, anywhere in the world. 

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