The Goodgrubbs Story

The concept was created by Founder, Joseph Oratokhai. The company’s initial focus was to have restauranteurs, caterers, bakers and food processors register on our site and advertise their establishment for free, while also offering guaranteed discounts to Goodgrubbs Cardholders. Since our inception, Goodgrubbs has evolved considerably.

Our premise is simple: Goodgrubbs provides a solution to a narrowly focused marketplace, which fits the needs of food business owners, whether large or small, old or new. We have gone beyond our initial dining card membership concept and evolved into a global food marketplace with unlimited shelf space for sellers and endless possibilities for consumers.

We look forward to partnering with the patrons of Eateryplace, Marketplace, Membership Cardholders and our community groups.

Thank you.

The Goodgrubbs Team

The Goodgrubbs Card is a simple discount membership concept that eliminates cumbersome and costly coupon clipping.This card gives you the comfort of purchasing online or walking into any participating eatery or food processor and getting the discount they are offering with ease anytime, any day, anywhere in the world. 

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